When it comes to inviting Guests to register for your event and download the app, there are multiple ways available to cater for various size events and processes.

  • Guests can be manually invited by inputing relevant information by clicking on Create New Guest on the Guest page in the top right corner

  • Bulk or Multiple Guests can be created within the Guest feature of the platform by clicking on Actions -> Add Multiple Guests on the Guest Page

  • Guest lists can be imported using template sheets provided by Guestia or CSV files by clicking on Actions -> Import From File

  • Via Guest Groups where a QR code is generated for Guests to scan and register on their phone where they will appear in the platform once registered. This can be done by Creating A Guest Group and selecting Is Guest Template? Which will generate a QR code the Guests to scan and register using their phone

Please note: You cannot create individual Guests on the platform and invite them to use a generic code as a unique QR code is generated when invited to register. Generic codes can only be used without being invited via the platform.