Creating a guest

Event management -> Guests -> Create New Guests

There are a number of ways to add guests into the platform to suite your needs. Please watch the following video to show you how. Alternatively, keep reading for a step by step instruction:

To begin, Click on Event Management on the main menu and select Guests. Use the ‘Create New Guest’ button (see below)

You will then be presented with the following form to input the details of an individual guest: 

If you are struggling with the fields, please see the information below in order to help you:


Information needed

First Name

Guest first name (Can be placeholder)

Last Name

Guest last name (Can be placeholder)


Guest email address - The email address will be used to send out invitations


Add the brand your guest will be assigned to for the event - (Event Brands are created prior to guests)

Preferred Language

Select the guests language they would like to view the app in

Contact Number 

Telephone number of guest

Country/ Language

Select the Guests Country - This will set their currency within the mobile app


A note on where the guest has come from e.g. web booking, direct sale, etc.


To be used if the guest is experiencing your event via a 3rd party reseller - Reseller’s will need creating prior to creating these guests.

Once you have completed the form click the 'Create' button to complete creating the guest.