After creating a guest you can add details via the 'Guests' page.

Adding to Guest Groups

Firstly, to add your guest into a 'guest group' click 'Manage' under 'Group'.

From the pop-out screen, tick the guest groups you want the guest to be in and then save changes.

Invite Guests

(See 'Inviting Guests' article)


Indicates whether a guest has registered onto the event. As soon as the guest completes registration this will turn to a green tick along with the 'invite' button.


Indicates whether a guest has registered onto the event. As soon as the guest completes registration this will display as a number. This number will tell you the device used by the guest.

Add Travel Arrangements

To add travel arrangements, Click 'Add': (See icon below) 

From the following pop-out form, select the type of travel and complete all the fields displayed. Please note when adding flights, you will need to enter the exact details of the flight in order to successfully add as these connect to our flight API to allow guests to get live updates on their flights.



Add Accommodation

To add accommodation, Click 'Add': (See icon below)

The following pop-out form will appear. 

Complete the form. 

Look up the 'location' using the Points of Interest. 

Please note, this will add a check-in and check-out activity in the guest’s itinerary – please be mindful of arrival and departure time.



Add Activities

Adding activities will build the itinerary for your guest, this will eventually be displayed in the mobile app as their itinerary.

To do so, Click 'Add': (see icon below)

You will be presented with a pop-out. 

Firstly, you will need to select the date of the activity you wish to add. 

This will bring back a list of all activities on that day within the “Available Activities” box.  Click on the activity/activities you want to add and as you click on them they will appear in the “Selected Activities” Box along with any others you have already added. Save these changes to add these activities to a guest.

You may have noticed the “notification” check box underneath. This can be used when adding activities on the go for guests and you want them to know their itinerary has changed with a notification.  Please be aware, this will only work if the guest has push notifications enabled on their device.



Add Requirements

Requirements are special notes that are required to be added against a guest to help manage their experience and are currently limited to:

  • Dietary
  • Medical conditions
  • Accessibility

Click Add

Complete the form as required.

Send Notifications

If the guest has enabled push notifications on registration or turned them on within settings, you will see a notifications button.  This will present a pop-out that will allow you to complete a form that will send a message directly to that guest.