Clicking a Guest name will direct you to the guest details page.  

Here, you can review details about the guests and add details to guests (see Adding Details to Guests).

Firstly, you can view a guests 'personal details'. (see below)

From this page, you can view the unique code and QR code that will be sent to the guest.

You can monitor all communication with the guest from the details screen. Instead of following up invitations with a call you can see if they have received the email and whether it has been opened.

From the guest details page you can add details (this can also be done from the home screen where you have access to all guests).

Editing your Guest

From the details page you can edit the individual guest's details by clicking:

Please note: You do not need to ‘Edit Guest’ if you want to add activities, accommodation, travel etc. – Please see the 'Adding Event Details' article.