Inviting Guests

Modified on Thu, 10 Mar 2022 at 04:20 PM

Sending an invite will send an email directly to that individual guest, styled in the form of the Event Brand they are placed in and will contain a QR code and unique code that will allow them to register for the event.

When viewing added Guests from the Event Management page, Click Invite. You will then be required to confirm that you want to send the invitation to that particular guest and once you confirm you will receive successful confirmation the invitation was sent.

You will notice the invitation button has now changed to a number.

Whilst the guest has this button against their name they are ‘invited but not registered’. If you go into the guest details page you will notice the guest now has a QR code against them and this number underneath – this is what has been sent to the guest to register. You can use this to troubleshoot any registration issues.

You can also check the communication log on the guest details page to make sure they have received and/or opened the invitation.

Not until the “Live” status changes to a tick and the “Device” changes to a tick as well can you consider the guest as registered.


Before sending out invitations you must have created an Event Brand that the guest is in and ensure you have set the email template and uploaded a Privacy Policy within that Event Brand. Finally, the guest must have a valid email address in their details to receive the invitation.

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