Event Management -> Documents

It's time to assign documents to guests once they have been imported either individually, or in bulk. 

How to Assign Documents 

Start by clicking on Event Management on the left side menu and select Documents. Here you will see any existing documents you have uploaded and have the option to upload new documents

On the document you wish to assign to a guest you will see a selector under 'Assign To' where you can choose which guest is allocated to the document. You can also see which event the document has been imported to and the group

Now you have the ability to manage the document by having an overview of your documents and changing the guests assigned to that document should things change 

Making Documents Visible to Guests

To allow a guest to use the document that has been assigned to them it must be made visible by making changes to their guest profile

Click on Event Management on the left side menu and select Guests. Here will see existing guests for your event and the option to create new guests

Select the guest you have assigned a document(s) to and click on their name to display their guest profile. Scroll down on the guest profile to view Documents for the guest where you will see any assigned documents. Initially documents are not visible but can be enabled by clicking on the toggle

You have now successfully assigned a document to a guest and made it visible to use in the mobile app!