Switching between events can be done either on the login page of an event, or as a sidebar menu option to guests who have logged into an event. 

Login page Switch

When on the login page of an event, located at the bottom is the option to access a different event. By tapping on this you are then taken back to the QR scanner page to then enter into a new event: 

In app switching

When creating an event brand on the platform, you can give guests the option to switch event by adding the feature on the sidebar menu within the app builder. 

Event Configuration -> Event Brands

Start by clicking the Actions button on the Event Brand you wish to add the feature to and click Change Theme. Click on App Builder to begin adding designs and features. Here you will need to click on the Menu option to view the sidebar menu features and click Add Feature:

A list of features will then be displayed in a new window to be applied to the sidebar menu. Find and click on Switch Event

Now that the Switch Event feature has been added, guests can now switch between events instead of logging back out to either scan a QR code or input an event code.