Top Tips for Importing Travel Arrangements

Modified on Wed, 25 Mar, 2020 at 11:32 AM

Here are some top tips you can use to help you successfully import travel arrangements:

  1. If you are importing multiple Travel Arrangements, please make sure the spelling of names is the same across all sheets, this includes guest names and Department/Team names
  2. When using the import, if you are provided an ‘annotated spreadsheet’ as part of an import error please make sure you view the annotated sheet as this will highlight the issues the import has found
  3. Where possible, complete all fields of the import including costs (even if zero) so that you complete all required fields
  4. Ensure there is a name in the Driver 1/Lead Passenger/Full Name cell
  5. In order to get the best out of the platform, please ensure you use valid flight numbers and check them for correctness before importing
  6. When adding a flight that lands the following day add this as landing time +1.  For example 08:05 +1
  7. When adding timings for flights please make sure you are using local times
  8. The import allows users to add up to 3 legs/flights of a journey
  9. Flight requests with more the 1 leg can have different classes (where using Flight 1, Flight 2 and Flight 3 columns in a single row). If all classes are the same you can use a single class for all e.g. Y, otherwise separate classes with a / e.g. Y/J/Y (Putting the classes in flight order 1,2,3)
  10. If the flight import is a working document and you have cancelled a guests flight(s) you can strike through the row and change the status to cancelled – this will delete the Travel Arrangement in the system when you re-import.
  11. If any of your imports are a working document with changes and uploads happening on a regular basis, remember to have the latest version of the worksheet as the last tab in the document
  12. Following on from the previous tip, please make sure you use the same file name when importing each Travel Arrangement type
  13. If you are importing UK travel arrangements be sure to include UK in the file name and the import will add these with the Europe/London time zone (only applicable if your event is based outside the Europe/London time zone when creating your event)

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