Here are some top tips for successfully importing your room list:

  1. Ensure you have the full address of the hotel at the top of the sheet
  2. Check name spellings – if you already have the names of guests added to the platform the names in the sheet will need to match
  3. Make sure all content (except, costs) is in text format – this includes times
  4. When adding times, ensure these are written as hh:mm (not or
  5. When adding costs – do not use the symbol of the currency. Either add the amount, or use the three-letter currency code
  6. Do not rename the file if you are importing changes otherwise you will create duplicate data
  7. If you have already imported travel arrangements, make sure the ‘role’ names are the same and have no spelling errors as this will create additional Guest Groups
  8. You must always have the name of a guest in the column ‘Full Name 1’
  9. If your import is a working document with changes and uploads happening on a regular basis, remember to have the latest version of the worksheet as the last tab in the document
  10. If you have guests sharing a room but are using different booking references you can include both on the import in the ‘Reservation No.’ cell.  Simply separate the references with a ‘/’ e.g. #1234567 / #7654321