To begin use the ‘Create New Activity’ button

You will then be presented with a form to complete:

Things to note:

  • Reminder Text – If you wish to create an alert for your guests to remind them or build anticipation you can set this here.   This along with the ‘Name’ and ‘Description’ fields can be localised if you have multiple languages set on your subscription.
  • Hero Image – an image that represents the activity or location that is used in the mobile app
  • Type – This is a drop-down list for you to label the type of activity you’re recording
  • Is Capacity Restricted? – You tick this box if you want to create Activities that guests can book onto, if this is an itinerary item, leave this unchecked
  • Location – you can link this activity to any Points of Interest (POI) you create (See POI’s)
  • Timezone – Although a timezone is set on the event, your activity locations may take place in different timezones, so here you can change it from the event default
  • Show Reminder – This allows you to set how many minutes prior to the activity starting you want to remind your guest about the activity
  • Show Directions – You can set either walking or driving directions to activities to help guests find their way during the event. This will display in the app and will route from the guest’s current location.
  • Is Visible to Guests – This is defaulted to yes, but you may have an activity you only want the operation to see (e.g. load coach) that you wouldn’t want to display to guests.