Event Management -> Room Manager

Its now time to allocate people to the rooms and accommodation you have created. The Room Manager gives an overview of rooms and the event days to easily allocate guests. 

Allocating Rooms

Click on Event Management on the left side menu and select Room Manager

Here you have two options when allocating a guest to a room: 

Click and Add using the + symbol on the left 

Allocating guests using Click and Add will only show and assign guests with pre allocated travel arrangements. Using their travel, the Room Manager will then fill in the days required.

Please note: When allocating rooms using Click and Add, guests must have travel arrangements allocated to them to allow the Room Manager to pre populate required stay from their travel.

Drag and Drop across the days a guest is required 

In comparison, Dragging across the days you wish to allocate to a guest will allow you to assign any guest on the event to that room.