When you first login you will be directed to the page shown below:

The Main Menu 

The main menu is located to the left-hand side of the dashboard. 

The three key areas for customisation are:

  • Event Management (to manage all aspects of your event)
  • Configuration (To customise the look and feel of the mobile app)
  • App Content (To populate the information within the app)


Under each area there are a number of sub-menu items for specific elements of your event.

Taking it back a step

It’s easy to get back to where you started from. 

In the example below, we are on the details page of “Example Activity”.  From here, we could go back one step to the main ‘Activities’ page or we could go ‘Home’ and back to the beginning  - simply by clicking the work 'Home' or 'Activities'. 


Below are just some of the buttons you will come across using the CMS.   

The green buttons represent positive actions (creation), 

The grey denotes negative actions (undoing) and; 

The white represents bulk actions (multiple).