Create Multiple Guests – (Bulk Action)

This is the action of creating a volume of “default” guests to add to your event. You can quickly create the volume of expected guests within the system to then work from. 

You can then decide whether to keep the details as default to anonymise your event or as guest’s sign up to your event you edit the guest details one by one to the new details. 

Click the 'Action' button and select "Create Multiple Guests" 

Complete the following form, with the Quantity being the number of guests you wish to create. 

As you can see by the example:

  • 100 Canadians have been added to the event
  • English as their language  
  • Each assigned the Guestia Event Brand 
  • None are part of any resellers. 

Once created these will appear in the portal as "Guest Name 1" through to "Guest Name 100" each with a default email address. 


Create Multiple Guests – Import

If you already have a list of guests stored electronically elsewhere you are able to import these guests into the platform.

Click the 'Action' button and select “Import from File”.

From this screen you will be able to download the template for the first time - The download file will have an example row included for you, please delete this row before uploading your list. 

You will then need to ensure your data matches up to the format provided and save as a .csv file.

Once the file is saved go back to the screen above and browse to that file and click the “Import Guests” button.

You will then be told on screen if the import has been successful.